Part of the Atlantic Canadian Dream is being able to own our own home. A place that we can call ours, and share with our friends and family. For some people, it remains just that; a dream. That’s where Atlantic Signature comes in. We are a non-bank lender, which means we can step in and help when a traditional bank can’t. Our short-term lending options help transition into conventional lending.

Could private lending work for you? Here are the benefits.

1. Ease of Qualifying

Traditional lenders have very strict guidelines in place, and rightfully so. Oftentimes though, these guidelines get in the way of self-employed individuals, young adults without much credit history, and newcomers to Canada who can’t fulfill them. We feel there’s more to each situation than what the spreadsheets tell us. While we do have our own lending guidelines, we are a common-sense lender and have the ability to see beyond the formulas and algorithms to meet people where they are.

2. Straightforward Approval Process

As we said, we have our own lending guidelines. It would be irresponsible of us if we didn’t. What we work with is a common-sense approach to lending, looking at a holistic view of each situation, and not letting the numbers do the talking when the whole story tells us more. When you work with Atlantic Signature, you’re working with a group of people who understand the stress related to borrowing money, and do their best to make it straightforward for you.

3. Terms That Work For You

Every circumstance is different. To say otherwise would be unfair. We are interested in your story, your plans, your strategy to succeed, and how we fit in that so we can help you. We’ve been around the block a few times and bring a wide range of respected business and personal experiences to every application. No two situations are the same, and we don’t do cookie-cutters.

Private mortgages from Atlantic Signature are your short-term path to conventional lending. Usually within a year we can have you exactly where you need to be. Ready to take that first step?