Prince Edward Island

Common Sense Private Lending for Individuals and Brokers

Atlantic Signature Mortgage & Loan is a Halifax-based Non-Bank Lender specializing in loans for individuals and businesses when a traditional bank cannot help. We are short-term lenders helping our clients transition to conventional lending, usually in one year.

We lend funds to clients for short-term project financing, debt consolidation, construction financing, land acquisition, and other business or personal requirements. All of our lending is short-term in nature, typically one year and generally secured by real estate.

The purpose of our financing is to be a short-term solution to the immediate problem and assist our clients in the transition to more conventional financing.

Construction Mortgages / Renovation Mortgages

Banks are becoming more and more strict with their lending policies, but Atlantic Signature has a track record for getting developers approved. With our out-of-the-box thinking, we offer a quick turnaround on requests, the first step towards making your project a reality. We provide the flexibility you need with three or four draws. We also have no early payout penalties in most provinces, CMHC fees, or home warranty required!

Commercial Mortgages

Are you a new business in need of a new building, or upgrades to your current location? Commercial mortgage funding is becoming more challenging with traditional banks. Don’t let new lending criteria stop you from missing a great opportunity.

Traditional / Residential Mortgages

We have a different perspective on lending than traditional lenders. We understand that each customer has their own story, which is more important to us than spreadsheets or algorithms. While we have our own lending guidelines, we are a common-sense lender, and we’re here to help self-employed individuals, young adults without much credit history, newcomers to Canada, and others having difficulty meeting traditional lenders’ criteria.

Bridge Financing

Bridging Loan for Unexpected Circumstances

Sometimes life happens and a large debt shows up that needs to be paid off quickly. While a line of credit would be ideal, many traditional lenders will not approve loans once a large debt appears in their records – even if the cause was an unexpected event such as property damage or employment disruption. Bridge loans are common when you need to use your current home’s equity for a down payment on a new home, you purchased a new home before selling your current one, or you need funds for upgrades to a new home before you move. We will assess your complete financial health including your home equity, and then provide a short-term solution – in the case of debts, often reducing your monthly payment requirement and eliminating higher interest payments.

CRA Debt

Many of us find ourselves owing personal or business tax debt to the CRA. This can cause trouble with mortgage renewals or new lending. Atlantic Signature can help by offering a loan to pay off the debt immediately, usually at a lower rate than the CRA interest costs. Once done, you’re back on track.

Credit Repair

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where your credit score and history are causing issues for you, we can help. Reach out today to discuss options.

Blanket Mortgages

We offer a variety of mortgage options to help our clients meet their financial goals. For those who don’t have enough equity in one property, we can blanket multiple properties.

Second Mortgages

Second mortgages are a great way to get additional cash when you need it most. With no early payout penalties on second mortgages in most provinces, these loans can help with all sorts of expenses that come along: life events, debt consolidation or tuition payments!

We’ve got a solution for you.